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Working For You!

Listening to your concerns

As a Councillor, I’ve done my absolute best to respond quickly and transparently to all questions and concerns from the public. Often it's a matter of taking your issues to the appropriate staff member for a quick resolution or at the very least, getting you the accurate information you require in a timely manner.

Finding efficiencies on your behalf

This term of council, we undertook a new Strategic Plan, a Services Delivery Review and a Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan. These reports all provide the road map forward on what are our important priorities, as well as showing some areas where money could be saved.

I’m committed to providing you with the services you value at the most responsible cost. I will continue to look for every efficiency we can find. Every dollar matters!

Proud Residents of Hanover

Steve and Dawn Fitzsimmons
Steve and Dawn Fitzsimmons

It has been an honour to serve you, the residents of Hanover, during my first term on Hanover Council.

I take my responsibility very seriously and while only one voice, I will always speak up when it comes to meeting the reasonable expectations of the residents and of course, ensuring accountability to the taxpayers.

On October 22nd, I ask for your vote to continue working on your behalf.

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In The Community

Little Libraries

As a member of the Hanover Library Board, we had a goal of instituting some “Little Libraries” around the Town of Hanover, to encourage people to take a book and leave a book. This is our first one, which is at the P&H Centre and doing incredibly well.

Heroes for Hope

Was emcee of Heroes for Hope (Formerly Cops for Cancer) for about 10 years. A great cause in helping kids in our area dealing with cancer and their families.

Heroes for Hope Donation

It was great to receive a cheque on behalf of Heroes for Hope from Ian of Crabby Joe's, who has been an amazing supporter of Heroes for Hope.

Need A Scarf

Was happy to support the Need A Scarf Project initiated by Amanda Peckham, trying to support those in need of warmer clothes in winter.

Canadian Tire Donations

The Canadian Tire Hanging Baskets Sale has been a sensational event, that has donated close to $10,000 in the last 4 years to the Hanover Public Library. I was delighted to facilitate this community partnership between Hanover Canadian Tire and the Library.

Annual Family Day

It’s always a pleasure to speak with lots of Hanover residents at our Annual Family Day at the P&H Centre

OLG Quarterly Payment

The Slots at Hanover Raceway has been very good for the Town of Hanover, with the town receiving significant dollars quarterly. Jake Pastore of the OLG presented one of our cheques to members of council.

Luigi's Foodland Grand Opening

It was my pleasure to bring best wishes to Luigi and Kim Catalano, on their grand opening of Luigi’s Foodland.

Marlin Travel Grand Opening

Dropped by the Marlin Travel Grand Opening to give them best wishes on behalf of the Town of Hanover.

Sights and Sounds

Sights and Sounds runs an excellent Soap Box Derby every year for young people. Mayor Sue and myself take in some of the action.

OHL Exhibition Game

I was very proud to be able to bring an exhibition game between the Erie Otters and Owen Sound Attack to Hanover back in 2013. NHL Superstar Connor McDavid played in that game, getting two assists in a 3-1 Erie win. I was pleased to broadcast the game on Bluewater Radio, with the station donating $500 to Hanover Minor Hockey in exchange for the rights to broadcast the game. It was a win-win for all involved.

Hanover Minor Hockey

As both the President of Hanover Minor Hockey and a Hockey Coach, it was a pleasure to recognize those players who went above and beyond in playing the game.